About Us
Multi Vend Electronics Trading is one of the leading traders in UAE, Our major focus is into IT Products & Solutions. We also deal with Consumer Electronics, Home Appliances & Telecom as well. With an Extensive assortment of product categories and brands to cater to various needs, we extend over markets in the African Continent, Asia &Middle East. Our Strong Network of trade partners strengthens our presence in these regions.

We deal with below products:
1. All kind of Branded Desktops & laptops.
2. All Kind of Branded Printer Toner & Cartridges
3. Copier Machines
4. Biometric Systems
5. CCTV & Digital Video Recorder
6. Server
7. Network Attached Storage- NAS
8. Workstation
9. All kind of Monitors
10. All kind of Projectors
11. All Types of cables
12. Computer Peripherals

Our Services:
1. IT support & Solutions
2. Structured Cabling
3. Firewall & Antivirus Solutions
4. CCTV & biometric Systems
5. Telephony & WAN Solutions
6. Data Recovery
7. Storage Solutions & Disaster Recovery
8. Repair & Support
9. Data Backup and Restore